Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Policy

APKMCB is an A.P.K. provider website that falls under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Section 512, 17 U.S.C. The downloadable links and information regarding these A.P.K. links are published over the internet with the legal owner’s consent. Our website is just a medium for spreading the application; we do not own any legal rights to the applications since all rights belong to the copyright owners.

If a copyright issue arises over the website, you can notify the website team (APKMCB.Com). Our team protects the right of the copyright owner. Therefore to identify any infinite allegation, you must contact us for further action.

How to contact for Infringement Allegations has a designated agent that will receive any notification of Infringement. You can write to the agent the details provided on our “Contact Us” page with proof of the violation and evidence from the authorized owner. Our agent will resolve each query according to the outline provided by DMCA.

How to write a Complaint about Copyright Infringing

The following information and pattern should be included in the complaint notice of the Infringement so that we can help you resolve the issue:

    • Signature of the copyright person or any authorized person from the representative party. If a third party contacts us, they must have the copyrighted owner’s physical or electronic signature with a copy of the official letter or infringing statement.
    • The complaining party must identify the infringed data clearly in their complaint. They must provide the location and URL of the content. If there are multiple locations of the infringed information, then identify it.
  • The party also includes information like address, active contact number, and email address for our designated agent to contact the party. The notice cannot proceed without sufficient contact information.
  • The notice must be valid; otherwise, the complaining party will face a penalty under Section 512(f) of the DCMA act. So, it is advised to acknowledge the DCMA act before contacting us for Infringement. 

Our Agent’s Response

Our agent will prescribe the notice and go through the process of identifying the infringement data first, and our team will check for the liability of the claim. Then the agent will then contact the subject for the counter-notification according to the laws and regulations under DCMA.

If the allegation is confirmed, our team will respond to the assertion by disabling or removing the material from the website. The APKMCB and the team will comply with the proper provision mentioned in the DMCA if the counter-notification is given or received.

Penalty for the False Infringement 

If the allegation of Infringement is false, the complaining party must face the penalty and the damages to the website. The damage may also include the cost of hiring a legal advisor through the website. Further penalties will impose according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Section 512 and 17 U.S.C.

Response to Technical Issues

Any technical issue within the content provided on the website will not lead to Infringement. We encourage anyone to report technical problems to us. If the issue is in the provided A.P.K., we cannot help anyone since the website offers the same link provided over application stores. But if the information about the A.P.K. is wrong or missing, write to us in detail given on the “Contact Us” page.